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So far, we’re new and young, taking on board musicians, artists, electronic modders and writers. We believe in making articles interesting and yet educational. We won’t just show you projects, but how they were achieved and how do do this yourself.

Current Collaborators

Anthony Hom
Spearheading the ins-and-outs of modding, tech and sound output with his YouTube series ‘Chiptune Tech’ – Anthony is passionate about quality sound recording, presentation and getting behind the guts of the gear. His series, Chiptune Tech can be found here.

Michael Television
Mikee has been a gaming enthusiast from the golden age of video games and enjoys being in creative projects. He’s played in bands and had his own sample-based experimental four-piece called Michael Television’s Interloper and an indie rock band, Failedadult, created 72, 2-hour podcasts about gaming for a series called Controller Throw. He writes his own solo music using LSDJ and lo-fi synths. He’s a keen modder and paints his Gameboys with Molotow grafitti paint.

Previous Collaborators

Max Dolensky
Max is a junior at the University of Alabama studying Music Composition – focusing on electronic, acoustic, and electroacoustic music. Max has been using LSDJ and Ableton Live for nearly two and a half years, and is quickly becoming a master of both. His work as “The Bitman” has gone somewhat viral in both the chiptune and mashup communities, most notably for his work with remixing and covering tracks ranging from J-pop to jazz amongst his original works. He serves as an auxiliary hardware designer and distributor, contributing more to brainstorming of new projects than fabrication of hardware. Max intends on serving OhmNohmNohm in blogposts covering music production, live performance, modification guides for hardware, as well as distribution and publicity techniques. Articles will often be accompanied by videos or photographic material produced in-house at OhmNohmNohm.

Scott Griffits
Scott, an aspiring hardware engineer, musician, and student. He found passion for gameboys 5 years ago when traveling in Puerto Rico, getting lost in YouTube videos. He discovered multiple artists who inspired him while learning more and more about modifications applied to gameboys. As he learned how to mod gameboys, he became determined to make a career in hardware engineering. Based out of California, Scott attends college and lives his life chip by chip. He enjoys working on his almost completely rebuilt geo metro, playing with his dog Kandi Kane, writing music, and looking up data sheets. Scott is honored to bring you low cost mod kits for the retro gaming and music scene and will continue to do so using this site to build his projects, under the name Alley Beach.

Andrea Shafer
Andrea is a photographer, printmaker, and digital artist from Cincinnati, OH and will be obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program at the University of Cincinnati for the winter of 2014. She focuses on the dichotomy of using both traditional and digital means in the creation of images; thus working in mediums such as: large format film photography, digital photography, silk screen printing, relief printing, lithography, and videography. Wanting to bring both 2d and 3d fine arts to the communities of chipmusic and DIY, Andrea curates and writes articles of emerging artists for OHM.