Current state of the site

I felt like I’d been paying for hosting for so long on the site but not really been doing anything with it. In short, I built the site a few years ago to act as a capacity for people to springboard their projects, mostly with micromusic and electronics, but I’m really hot into minimalism, art and photography too. I was logging in nearly every day and tweeting content I thought was good and just got caught up in the daily grind of things and stopped doing this.

Recently the collapse of a quite large chiptune community group and label, there’s very clearly a change in the way the community wants to treat each other and expect to be treated. It’s unpleasant to watch, but it feels like a necessary metamorphosis for a better more level platform for marginalised people.

I’ve been busy modding in the background and on twitch, but I did read a tweet recently where someone was talking about documentation on an open source project being a bit vague to those learning and as I’m currently working through the project myself, it seemed like a good time to take more of an active interest in sharing those methods with other people.

So that’s it. It’s mostly just me pottering about on a dead platform muttering to myself.

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