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Kano: An educational way to start with Pi


A Kickstarter opened on the 19th of November encourages people to start creating games, play with coding, make a server or just generally goof around with it with Kano. This is entry level stuff, but in terms of putting a Pi in the palms of the public, this is something that there should be more of. Pre-bundled kits for the school, colleges and it’s a toy for seasoned hackers. You can buy into the Kano Keyboard at around 60 dollars and get a full git for just over 100 dollars. It’ll tear your heart out not to grab a hold of one. (We’re told it’s actually named after its creator, Kano Jigoro, a lifelong schoolteacher)

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ProduinoBoy Is Here!


Our team would like to introduce to you, the Produinoboy. What is it you ask? It is a pre-built Arduinoboy, the size of an Arduino ProMini (roughly .7″x1.3″).

The Produinoboy comes with everything you need:

  • Produinoboy module.
  • pushbutton
  • 6 LED’s
  • jacks
  • wire


The kit can be purchased HERE for $25 USD.

information on the Arduinoboy project can be found here.

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We’re open! (sort of)

Hi Guys,

This is an initial test post to show how the theme looks. It’s a bit bland and colourless at the moment, but we can fix that with some art, logos etc.

I wanted to make a very slick, professional and modern theme.

I’d like to get rid of the blurb, so it looks less ….bloggy, but this isn’t bad for an hours work.