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So WTF is a Produino?

We’ve been chatting about this for a while and it occurs to me that we haven’t even started at the beginning. The Produino is Alley Beach’s own version of an Arduinoboy on a tiny, tiny board. He’s been working on this non-stop this year and it is right at the final stages of testing: ie, does it do everything it is expected to do? What does this mean to people like you? Incredibly. Affordable. Midi for Gameboys. The idea is to keep the solder points to a minimum, board as small as possible and full components as part of a kit. What I like most about Scott’s dedication to electronics, is his attention to form, components and size.

NeX has made the Midiboy a most wanted must have object: a fully complete Gameboy with MIDI embedded right into it. We want to make this an affordable product. We’re hoping to sell a kit for around 50 dollars with all the parts for you to make your own. For those who like to get less dirty, we’re hoping to produce a Midiboy 2.0 – A fully MIDI gameboy with no extra outboard components at the lowest price we can make them at.

In the meantime, watch this space…..

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