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Chiptune Tech: Ep.5 – Getting Started in LSDj

How’s it going everyone. Sorry for the long delay. We are proud to present episode 5 of Chiptune Tech. In this episode, Anthony talks about how to get started with LSDj. How to get the ROM and effective ways of dipping your toes in the water without breaking the bank. Bonus: For anyone attending Square Sounds Festival 2017 in Melbourne on March 3-4, come out and say hi! Anthony will be attending and is down to hang out.

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Chiptune Tech: Ep.3 – Gameboy Color Prosound

We are proud to present episode 3 of Chiptune Tech. In this episode, Anthony talks about the prosound mod for the Gameboy Color. Have you ever wanted to use a GBC for making chiptune music but found the output from the headphone jack really low? Have you ever wanted to know how many colors the Gameboy Color could produce? Find out all of that and more in this episode of Chiptune Tech!

Dat OG Low-Gain GBC prosound guide:
Dat OG Capcomposer GBC prosound guide:…
Audio connector guide:…

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Hear the drama get Wiki’d

In an effort to start filling in our Wiki here, I’ve began pasting in details I can scrounge from the internet. The chip and micro music scene is made up of a lot of old mardy men who act like wounded soldiers. We’re just trying to make a factual wiki to make up for the loss of a unified source for these things. If you feel you aren’t getting the credit you deserve, contact us and we will rec-rec-recognise. Also, it allows us to check on the available information and improve it with the help of the original authors. If you’re reading this and you want to help, there are quite a lot of areas we need covering. For the time being, let me list a few areas we need assistance in:

  • Gameboy Carts, types, software (both homebrew and commercially made, released to public)
  • Gameboy Advance series Prosounding
  • GB Pitchbending
  • Screenlighting methods
  • Case and button lighting methods