The HLF_CLK kit tutorial

Kit made by Alley Beach. Tutorial by 2xAA.


For this kit we recommend some wire clippers, tri-screw driver, set of micro screwdrivers, soldering iron and spare solder. Note the tweezers; not the best idea. They get hot. You can acquire some hardened plastic ones and a Helping Hand tool is good too.

HLK_CLK Kit components

The components of the board are:

* Alley Beach HLF_CLK
* (Small) Replacement Clock
* (Large) Half Clock
* Switch
* Wire

Note; for the rest of the instructions, the words Alley Beach should feature on the bottom of the board for all orientation.

These points are where the crystal clock sits.These are the points you will be heating up to remove the Old Clock from the board.


This is the Old Clock on the other-side of the board


Heat up the pins and pull up as best you can. If you have a Helping Hand, use it. If you don’t have one, it’s not a problem, it’ll just be tougher. You can keep the clock, but it isn’t necessary for the rest of the mod.


This is how the board will look with the Old Clock removed. (note the volume wheel is missing in this shot)


Take the (Large) Half Clock, slip the pins through the board on the right hand side as shown and bend (this method gives you a nice flat mod but you have a bit of leverage how you want to mount this clock)


Solder the tops of the pins to hold this in place.


Flip the board over. We’re going to snip the pins.


Snipped them? Good, try to make them neat.


Feed the (Small) Replacement Clock through the board.


Solder the pins and clip them short.


This is how the board should look with the clocks in place.


Strip the wires and pull them apart for manoeuvrability. Don’t forget to tin the wires!


Poke the wires through the board. If you are looking on the front of the board, These are the top two holes. In this example Wire One is green and Wire Two is yellow.


Solder and snip!


This is how it should look. We call this cluster Group One and it goes to the Game Boy Board where you removed the clock.


Solder the wires in place of the Game Boy Board’s now missing Old Clock.


Here’s your Switch and wire. (the wire has been split apart and tinned already)


This is a two-throw switch. The middle wire is the most important. So, make sure that the Common Wire (red) goes to the middle hole in Group Two.


Wires through the holes in Group Two.


Solder and snip!


Here is how it looks when it’s complete. Installing it into the Gameboy is simple. However, we shall update the tutorial appropriately.

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