Update: No news is good

So we’ve been quiet for a bit here at ONN. There’s a reason for this. Our large project has hit a stumbling block in that we are trying to get a custom drill piece created so that we can manually repeat precise drill locations over several beta devices that we’re testing. Unfortunately, Scott has been trying to get a metal jig cut in California and is hitting a wall on each turn. The problem is that we need a small and quick job performed: a small metal shape drilled for us so that we can use it as a template. Unfortunately, likely due to the nature of fabrication, nobody wants to make the device, because it’s a single item. Most workshops are modernised and are kitted out to make thousands of products so won’t touch it, even though we’re hiking up the money we’re willing to pay. A machine shop in Canada declined because ‘it would cost more to mail than make’ – which sounds quite a lot like an excuse for ‘we can’t be bothered’

Not having out own workshop is a pain and so far acquiring components when we’re in different locations has been pretty simple so far. Once we get the jig fabricated, we can get the betas complete alongside packaging and get them tested so that we can write the instructions for the full-fat released products.

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