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<h2><strong>OhmNohmNohm Chiptune Wiki</strong></h2> This has been designed to document all the hardware and software modifications that exist in the scene, starting with the ones we know about the most. There's no easy way to start. Simply by opening up the floor to people in the know, we can slowly populate the pages with the most common hardware and move on from there. From prosounds for Gameboys, to MSSIAH MIDI for the Commodore 64. We're looking for contributors. The problem with a Wiki format's open to vandalism. That wouldn't be a problem if the pages were regularly being watched but we can't manage that. We're going to have to ask for solid contributors. This may skew the Wiki to begin with, making the content seem biased. This is not intentional. If you want to get involved, or you want to make changes, contact us and we'll make the changes or get involved.

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