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Since 2010, an0va has been hitting stages hard with a unique brand of 8bit chiptune music. Currently located in Richmond VA, an0va has been featured globally in Wired Magazine and has performed across the USA in multiple locations such as New York City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Baltimore, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

With only two EPs released, an0va has as a result performed at some of the most popular ongoing chiptune events in the United States such as Pulsewave, 8static, BRKfest, I/O Chip Music, Rochester Chip, POW POW POW, and a special EINDBAAS NYC event.

In January 2015, an0va was a featured chiptune performer at MAGFest, an annual music festival with over 17,000 people in total attendance.


The Teaching Machine (2011)

Ego Depletion (2013)

Permutation EP (2015)


Richmond, VA, USA