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Photo by Sara B.
Photo by Sara B.


Andrew Gould is a Cincinnati-based musician who has been writing chipmusic and honing his craft for several years now, under the name AndaruGO. His first exposure into chip music as a performance was the much celebrated Reformat The Planet documentary. After watching it, he was hooked and got himself a ticket for the now defunct Blipfest. As is common, he picked himself up a gameboy and started writing music on LSDJ immediately. His first approach, released offline was a split with fellow Cincinattian, hunterquinn, showing off their different approach to programming and composing, riffing off of each other but had yet to truly define their sounds as individuals in terms of a sonic landscape. They continued to write and establish their personal quirks.

The catalyst for change was after a long period of writing in July 2012 when he dropped his first album release, ‘necronomitron’ which finally pin-pointed AndaruGO’s approach: glowing stabs of harsh bright bleeps amid bassy growls and tearful, melancholy melodies. The album was themed after Lovecraftian stories and is a kind of, electronic harkening to those macabre and dense tales.

On top of playing as many gigs as possible up and down the United States, he had been involved on the frontline with both homegrown events, cartRage and BRKfest, pushing the envelope and instead of wanting for more people to be into chipmusic afar; creating a sphere to exist in for himself and his peers where there was none. His physically performance is every part of the experience, revelling in the twists and turns of his sound, encouraging the audience to feel the grooves, beats and drops with him.

The follow up that later that year, MACHINEDER, a four track, showed a stronger, controlled version of his previous material, taking his signature sound and refining it.

A year later, CONSPIRACY SECTOR proved it wasn’t a fluke and his follow up felt like flipping over the record on MACHINEDER and playing a harder, upbeat b-side to an already established set of releases, proving ‘I’m still here and I’ve still got it’

Andrew has been involved in a massive way in the community, encouraging people to pick up old video game consoles and turn them into instruments as a kind of revisionist musical revolution. Old meets new. Surfing on pulse waves. Shredding the gnar.

He’s currently working on a new album, but is keeping tight-lipped about it. He’ll be playing pieces from 絶望感 , (meaning ‘feeling of despair’) in his live sets, so expect a more of his back-catalogue, his charismatic stage-presence and some exclusive tracks.


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