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Awesome Force emerged back in 2008 when Sean Baker was beginning to write his own music outside playing drums with post-hardcore band, Exit Ghost. The band were a three piece. Sean combined drums and computer samples. They were influenced by thrice, mewithoutYou, and circa survive and based out of Hebron, Connecticut, in the US.

He departed a traditional band setup and started posting house music on 8bc, initially starting in fakebit and moving onto pure chip with early demos and split records. He gravitated towards Drum and Bass when he started listening to the likes of Black Sun Empire, and Noisia. From there he wrote his first EP combining the melodies of post-hardcore with the rhythms of DnB, which has become his motif and signature sound. His earlier endeavours were hybrid and his later sounds have fully merged the two sonics, welding the high end shrill sounds of chip with deeper laptop DnB.

Since 2008 he has played concerts across the United States and Canada, and had the honor of performing at Nuit Blanche, BRKfest and MAGfest.


Live at BRK  (2013)

The Morning After (2014)

Invitations (2015)







Kansas, USA