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Hunter Quinn is the actual titular name behind the conjoined, lower-case moniker. Roughly described as “50% Puerto Rican. 100% Ruggedly handsome” – is not quite accurate enough. Hunter’s music whilst densely programmed, began as standard chiptune music and has evolved into a schizophrenic energy, beautiful woeful melodies, with deep, layered and lush sounding instruments under careful, thoughtful production. His attention to the soundscape in his music lead to rich tracks with depth. It takes time to hear all the attention that has been placed into subtle volume and instrument switches. True headphone music.

His start in chip came with an offline split-release with andaruGO and they played as much as they could, live in their native Cincinnati. When they turned their music online, they found a strong audience and peer group. He released his first album, Cyberphantom, which demonstrates his affinity with dark, brooding angry wave channels and stark shrieks and lead runs. His stand out track finaLLy, an uplifting crescendoing send-off, contrasts his ability to write upbeat, dirty dance tracks. His b-side, Cyberchump was released simultaneously releasing his b-sides, projects and lost tracks. They portrayed his own style. A theatre of the grotesque.

He released a 4-track EP on his own birthday entitled ‘bdaybrodown’ – streaming it live on release. The EP demonstrates his ability to write actual music on the Gameboy. Ultimately, bdaybrodown manages to sound like one angry late night drive. A kind of minimalist Skinny Puppy’s Cleanse Fold and Manipulate. Difficult. Intense. Brooding, with rarely uplifting moments.

VanitySelector, released in 2013 arguably showcases his best work to date. Enigmatic,  melancholic melodies drift off of thick wave channel synths, runs of lead lines, heavy beats, fused with fast staccato rhythm and electronic grumbles and massive white noise snares.  The first three tracks off of this album are Hunter at his absolute best. Going from a soft intro on Forever Faceless and cutting to the meat and potatoes with RelativeObjectivity. The rest of the album does not disappoint.

Hunter has played up and down the US and is available to see often, often playing festivals and his own cartRAGE in Cincinnati.


Cyberphantom (2012)

Cyberchamp (2012 – noisechannel exclusive)

bdaybrodown (2012)

VanitySelector (2013)