Inverted Screen mod

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Inverted Screen mod
<h2><strong>Inverted Screen Mod</strong></h2> <p>The Inverted Screen mod simply changes the color pallet of the display to an inverted state, causing what is known as an "invert". There are 2 ways this can be achieved. The first way the invert can be done is by changing the polarization film during a backlight mod.</p> <p>More info can be found on the <a title="backlighting page in this wiki. " href="" target="_blank">backlighting page in this wiki.</a> The second way can be done by using what is known as a Hex Inverter (74hc04 or similar), a logic IC that inverts its input signal.</p> <p>Bibin's tutorial can find can be found <a title="here." href="" target="_blank">here.</a></p> <p>When the 2 mods are done to a unit, it is safe to say that the unit has what’s known as a Biverted display.</p>

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