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Daniel Jefferis is a Chiptune artist who goes by the name The Quighty. He is based in Falmouth and regularly branches out to London. Growing up with an interest in retro video gaming and a passion for music technology, when discovering Chiptune it presented a ingenious combination of the two which inspired him to explore the genre. Before long he got his hands on a Gameboy and a copy of LSDJ and began to experiment.

During his first year of studying at Falmouth University in 2013 he used a pair of Gameboys running LSDJ to write his first EP titled “These .bats Don’t Run” which he debuted at a University showcase and would go on to play at his first Chiptune gig in London among Assad B, Mikee Teevee, CJ boucher and Mykah.

His next major gigs were in late 2014 when he played on the Winter Chips tour in Cornwall with artists such as J3wel, 2xAA and Cfgk24. After witnessing the skill and talent of the other musicians on the tour and discovering artists like Trey Frey and Dannimal Cannon he set out to majorly improve his set and spent the first half of 2015 experimenting with a modified Commodore 64, a Guitar Hero controller and a Nintendo Entertainment System.

He has just finished an EP written on one Gameboy titled “Celebrating Last Place” and is currently working with an array of devices and software to create a full length album. As well as having written a dissertation for his final year of University titled “Programming The Zeitgeist: The Ongoing Evolution of Chiptune.”

He is always looking to play shows and is constantly trying to evolve his sound to make the most of the equipment whether old or new.


These .bats Don’t Run (2013)


Falmouth, England




Since 2010, an0va has been hitting stages hard with a unique brand of 8bit chiptune music. Currently located in Richmond VA, an0va has been featured globally in Wired Magazine and has performed across the USA in multiple locations such as New York City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Baltimore, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

With only two EPs released, an0va has as a result performed at some of the most popular ongoing chiptune events in the United States such as Pulsewave, 8static, BRKfest, I/O Chip Music, Rochester Chip, POW POW POW, and a special EINDBAAS NYC event.

In January 2015, an0va was a featured chiptune performer at MAGFest, an annual music festival with over 17,000 people in total attendance.


The Teaching Machine (2011)

Ego Depletion (2013)

Permutation EP (2015)


Richmond, VA, USA

Skin Walker



“Begun initially under the pseudonym of Thank Fuscia in the fall of late 2006, 8-bit music (or as the nitpickers would like to title it, ‘Chiptune’) was always a slight musical interest to the artist we now know as Skin Walker, yet never an aspirational one. As the years went on, and he managed to generate more and more distorted, unsatisfying tracks, a short run of gigs, an array of lost albums self-released with close to no distribution and a room full of shoddy equipment, the decision to quit was an obvious one. But returning to the 8-bit scene in the build up to the summer of 2010, his ideas changed, and his take on music became more justified. With an early debut album under a new name released in May 2010 for free on Sociopath Recordings entitled ‘Berserker’, a new sound was created and never left behind, and even despite a creative drought for almost a year, the sound of the 8-bit sound chip has never been heard any clearer. He continued to write and adjust the sound on Famitracker; his last album was released on Noisechannel,  titled ‘Lo-bit Cryptic Aneurysm”

Hodson has moved on from Chiptune to produce a number of projects, disconnecting from the previous work. We’ve catalogued his old project work and urge you to check out his new work on this separate page, as HODSON.


Beserker (May 2010)

Lo-Bit Cryptic Aneurysm (September 2013)

Assortment of tracks on Soundcloud (Various dates)


Manchester, England

LSDJ Pitch Control Unit

The unit was created by gwEm. It allows you to fully pitch-step the Gameboy for music. There’s a full interview and instructions located here.


Outboard Mods